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Hello Friends,

if You’re Looking for pogo support than you have landed in the Right Place Where you can Find all the possible help with your pogo account and problems related to your Games. we are committed to helping you fix your problem without wasting any of your time.
There Are Few Problems where you Might Need pogo support, For Example,

Why You Need Pogo Support –

this whole website is determined to Find out How exactly and how often you need pogo support and in which case you should directly contact pogo Phone support Or Pogo Live chat Support without wasting your time in self-help section using steps.
After a thorough research online we have come across the multiple problems such as –

  • UnAuthorize Charges, Billing Problems  (overcharged Or False charge on your account by Pogo )
  • pogo games loading problems, pogo sign-in difficulties
  • Gems Or Token are Missing
  • Pogo Password reset Or Account Access Problems
  • Club Pogo Membership Problems

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we Understand that time is valuable to everyone and that’s why we have learned How to serve you best, Pogo customer support has instruments and Guides that can help you pinpoint your pogo problems and help you fix them at the same time.

we know for sure that since Pogo was bought by Electronic Arts Inc ( EA) After that They have Shut down their Direct Support Number Making any normal User to Contact them difficult But Here the Thing They made their email and Live chat support Good Enough to Help You Out. Once they Get your Request via email Or Live Pogo Support chat they Call on their own and walk you through your Problems.

How to Contact Pogo Chat Support –

  • In Order to Contact Pogo Online Service Please Visit 
  • Once You Go to the Website Please  Select Your Platform on which You play Pogo games For Example If You playing Pogo games on windows machine Please Select Option PC.

contact without login

Now Once You Select You Will get Couple of options for Tech Support Please select the Option technical support to

  • Select Your issue Please Choose Game Progress Issue and Than at the Bottom You Can See select Contact Option Please Click On That

pogo game progress issue

  • it may Ask to Sign In using your EA Or Pogo id, in case if you don’t have One Please Sign Up for One and Use them to Login to Your Pogo account Or You Can Also Choose the Option Get help from an advisor without logging in. Please Click on it and Fill out the Form and click Next.
  • Once You Click on Next it will take you to Different Screen Where You can Have them Can You Or You can Initiate the Live Chat Box.
  • Follow the steps From their Pogo Customer Support Will Help you Troubleshoot and Fix the Issues related to Your Pogo Account.

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See if this Information Helps. if you are Really Not in Hurry to fix your pogo issues than you can also leave them an email With Detailed Description of your Problem and contact information and one of the support representatives will reach out to You.
We Hope We have Given you best Way to Contact Pogo phone Support and Now You Know that Pogo Doesn’t Have a Direct Phone Number to Reach out. Still, There are Ways to Get pogo games support phone number
Please Comment Below if you need any Other Help with your pogo account. we would like to Help as much as Possible.
Good Luck


  1. I have been a POGO member over 10 years. You are doing a change over for EA. I have been trying for two days to log in. I have been asking for help in changing my password, for after all these years I do not remember what it is, you keep telling me that an e-mail will be sent to have me change my password no reply from POGO. I am about to cancel my account thru my credit card if I do not get a reply from POGO ASAP!!!!!

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  2. 14years 323,233,565 token 186 gems I cant lonin I have tried and tried so many times keeps goning incircles no I am not a robot re set pass word tinme and time again grrrr this rtealey su### pogo just cant leave well enough alone well I guess I will say good by forever

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  3. can’t get my games lost them when I cleaned History pogo lost my Account

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  4. I give up :-(. I have several Pogo ID’s that I use to play in pogo. I tried several options. Nothing seems to be working since EA took over pogo.It has e=been 1 year. No luck. I give up. I am going to join competitors unless I hear a solution from you;

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  5. My POGO account has gone missing. I have had an automatic paid account for years. I was on this a.m. to get the crossword cove tokens. Signed out of my account to do something else and when I tried to log back in I got a message ” your credentials are invalid or expired” I will not pay $40 to join again when my year is not up. I have 3002 badges and plenty of gems and over 42 million tokens. Can anybody help me to get this resolved?

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  6. I changed over to EU and played it one day and haven’t been able to get back into it again This happened over a month ago. So if you will give me an address I will cancel my membership.

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  8. When I log in to play pogo, it does populate my table to be able to play…Can you fix this ASAP..?

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  9. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is an ad that is not loading and consistently showing up and kicking me off my game. All other ads have been fine. It is an Air Asia ad that says “Now Everyone Can Fly”. Please fix this ad as it must have errors or quit having it show up on my game-it is making me crazy. Thanks

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  10. I reset my password but old password locked and here is no chance to change it to the new one.
    I probably need to cancel my subscription. Many games are not available anymore and now it’s
    a trouble with login to the site. It’s too much already.

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  11. this is not a commit but a problem with player that i gota message in my pogomail. im 65 yrs old this is my way of socialing in. she thrating me to take my account away. you can go to my pogomail to see what she wrote. i do not do or done anything to her.shes adding stress to my issues im having at home please take care of this.

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  12. for some reason I cannot get the sign in box to eve open so I can sign in. What has happened? Last night it
    was OK.

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