How to Fix Pogo Sign In Problem | Pogo Games Troubleshooting

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Hello Pogo Users,

we Understand that Pogo is not Just a game for You, it has become a friend. we have seen many cases where people are pogo Members for 10 to 15 years. In this Changing & Enhancing Technology Pogo Game has Become a Necessary Tool. Most of Pogo Users Are Above 45 And They Use pogo games to keep their mind sharpen and Enjoy themselves at the same time.

Pogo Sign In Problem

Let us understand Your Problem by listing that problem in our words. This Article will cover Problems Mention Below –

  • Are you not able to login to Your pogo account?
  • Did You Forgot Pogo Password
  • You Don’t Remember Your Pogo Username Or Screen name
  • Do You Need Help to Reset Your Pogo Username Or Password?

For Any of the Above Listed Problems Please Keep Reading the Post Till last and we Hope these Guides Can  Help you fix these Problems With Your Pogo Account.

Do Remember Regardless of you Being a member of free Pogo account Or Club Pogo membership These Steps Work Same for all users.

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Basic Pogo Login Troubleshooting-

  • Make Sure you have correct Username If you are not sure then check your mail registered with your pogo account. They must have sent you your username in one of those emails.
  • Try Remembering the old password you have with your Pogo account and make sure you type it correctly. make sure Caps lock Or Num lock is adjusted to the normal Value as you need them because your password can be case sensitive.
  • We have seen that sometimes more than one family members have access to a single pogo account please try using any other user for the password.

if any of the tips did not do the Trick than try doing a Quick password reset for your pogo sign in problems.

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Note- Follow Steps Given Below Carefully. Beware that over generating the password request can lock down you pogo account for 24 or more. That’s why do not try to reset your pogo password more than twice in a day. A lot of people complain that their pogo password reset is not working Because of the same issue.

Reset Pogo Account Password –

In Order to Recover Your Pogo Account Please Follow Steps Given Below-

  • Open a fresh browser Like internet explorer, Google Chrome Or Safari and Type at the top of your Browser ( In Url Box )

go to pogo

  • Now Once You are at Official Pogo Website Please Click On Sign in at the top right-hand side of your screen.
  • You will be taken to Pogo login screen where you need to type your Username and password Please At the Below of that option You Can See Link For Forgot password or Screen name Please Hit that Option

Note – Screen Name Is Referred As username In all our Guides Related to Pogo Games. You Can Use the Steps From Here to recover your Username for Pogo However we will only discuss Pogo Login password at the Moment.


  • Once You See Pogo Account Recovery Screen Please Type The Screen Name Than Hit On Submit.
  • Now Pogo Will send you an email containing a link for Password Reset. Please  Login To Your Registered Email With Pogo.
  • Follow The steps Given in the mail And You Will be able to Reset your Pogo Login password. Now You Can Relaunch Your Browser and go to On your Favorite Browser And Sign in Using Your Username and New Password.

Tips – Please Wrote down the Pogo Login password in Hard Copy and Keep it somewhere safe because that might come in handy when next time you Forgot pogo password.

we hope All this information helps you Understand and troubleshoot the Problems Related to Pogo Games.

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We are glad that you took your time to read the information given by us. for any other Help or advice Please comment Down and let us know how we can be More of support.

Good Luck

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  1. My POGO Bingo has reverted to “guest” and suggests I pay to not receive ads. I have been a member for almost 3 years and I know you have my credit card on file and usually renew automatically. I would like to continue playing bingo [and I hope you haven’t lost my over 1 million status]. It has been 2 days that I haven’t been able to play. HELP.

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      • ever since I updated my pogo account to an EA account it never remembers me (ID password) wether or not I check the remember me box. I have to do this every day. On a macos system. I can keep reseting my password using “forgot my password” but that only works for a day then I have to do it again. Oh and yes I checked the box to remember me. I tried not checking it and it worked the same way.

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  2. canyou please fix my pogo im not able to go into a chat room since thursday last week

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  3. I have tried signing in to POGO several times this morning. Each time it says, “Your credentials are incorrect or have expired. Please try again or reset password. I did reset my password and it still give the same message. In over 10 years of membership in POGO I have NEVER had this happen. Please help!

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  4. lost my Pogo when I deleted history

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  5. I need help accessing my pogo account please help

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  6. Sign In Trouble, I have rebooted pc several times I have also reset my password for POGO but each time I try signing in I get sent back to sign in lines

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  8. Although nothing has worked so far, I will try the Pogo support number to get back into the game, so to speak. I have found, during three 3 years of using Pogo, that anything out of the ordinary is almost impossible to accomplish. Even signing up in the first place was difficult. I have been locked out for several days now, and have made no progress.

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  9. I have not been able to play pogo for a long time. I have been a member for nearly 20 years. Now they say I have not given them the right information. It is impossible to talk to someone I can understand. What has happened to pogo. EA has wrecked pogo. Does pogo know there are people out there who cannot understand what has happened. If any one knows how to get back on pogo please let me know. Thanks.

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  10. I have not been able to sign in as a club member since November. In the first part of December you withdrew a three month payment from my Visa account and I am still unable to sign in.

    Please help me to get reconnected.N

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