Pogo.com Is not Working | Fix Pogo.com Not Reachable Problem

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Hello Pogo Players

If You reading this Article Let us assume that you might have Problem Accessing pogo website, well don’t worry its Just the way Technology is But we can help you troubleshoot this Problem. we know that Nothing is more frustrating than Not being able to play your Favorite games, especially When You are the club Pogo member and you have already paid for that. Feeling cheated?

Don’t Worry we have just the medic Of tips that you need to fix this issue. here is the List of Problems And Question we will Be addressing in this piece of Information –


  •  Pogo.com is Loading Forever and After That Saying, Pogo.com is not Responding
  •  Internet Connection is Being Frequent and the pogo.com is Cutting You Off
  • Is Your Blocker Or Firewall is Blocking The pogo.com?

Why Pogo.com is Not Responding-

Friends starting from Internet Till Computer & Pogo.com There Can be 10 reasons behind your pogo.com not working Problem. We do not intend to Say this is a Big Problem its just we need to Try Few More Troubleshooting steps Than Other Problems. Let’s Fix It And Get your Pogo.com Working again for You –

No Internet  Connection Problem –

Frequent internet Connection Or No internet connection can stop Your System to load Pogo.com since its an online gaming portal.

Before you do any changes to internet connection setting we would like you to perform these basic Troubleshooting steps –

    • Turn your computer Along with modem and wireless router (if you have one) then make sure the internet connection is fine and working.
    • Make sure the date and time are correct on the Computer Or Tablet whatever you are using to play pogo games.

date time

  • Relaunch your web browser and Try accessing pogo website (pogo.com), see if that works if not then check if all other devices are getting internet in your home.  if other devices are getting internet that means you have No problem with the Internet.  in case if Your Internet is Not working you should contact your internet service provider for troubleshooting your internet service.
  • You local DNS (Domain Name System)  can also be the reason behind your pogo not working let them check your DNS Settings also.

domiain name system in windows

Browser Problem-

if you get an error like Pogo.com is not responding then it is quite possible that your Internet Browser is the cause behind this Problem. If you Using google chrome, firefox, internet explorer Or Any other browser Than you must Clean your Browser time to time. Now coming back to this issue Please follow these steps –

  • Clear the browser History and Cookies

clear browsing history

  • Remove Temp files and Unwanted Tab From Your Browser

remove unneccesssary file

  • Remove any unwanted Extension Or Plugin From your web browser that makes your Browser Unsafe and Slow.

unwanted extension

  • Close the Browser and Restart it again.

see if that solves the Problem Great, However, if you still face the issue we recommend you to change the browser and Try again.

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Antivirus Problem –

after all 2 steps if you still see the problem then you must check your antivirus. make sure its not blocking pogo.com. One can make exceptions in their antivirus setting to unblock any website. You can also contact your antivirus manufacture and let them fix the issue for you.

There are days when pogo.com website itself gets down because of Huge Traffic Or Technical Glitch.  For Any Technical solution From their side, you might need to Contact Pogo Tech Support

let them have a look at the problem and help you as you need.

We Hope this Serves Your Purpose. Do let us know if you encounter any other Reson behind your Pogo.com not working we would be more than happy to Help. Please comment below and let us know your complaints and suggestion.

Good luck

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