How to Recover Pogo Account Password?

Posted By admin on Jun 13, 2019 | 1 comment

Have you forgotten your Pogo account password or don’t know what it is on using it after a long time? Here is what you need to do in order to recover your lost Pogo account password.
You would not be even able to login to your Pogo account if you are facing this issue.
Don’t worry, we will guide you on how to get rid of this issue and you will be able to play your Pogo games just the way you used to before you had this issue.

In case, you need any assistance with Pogo games, please visit our website and our experts will reach out to you in no time to fix the Pogo account and game related issues.

Recover Pogo account password:

1- Open any of your favorite web browsers on your computers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari and visit the website and click on sign in.

2- Try to use the sign in on your Pogo account using your old password and if that does not work, you can click on “forget password”.

3- Note that does not generate the request to create a forgot password link for more than 3 times, otherwise, your account will get the block for 24 hours for many security reasons.
4- Now, a window will pop up to enter your screen name or email address, you can type the email or screen name of your Pogo account and click on submit.

5- After that, the Pogo will send you an email consisting of all the important instructions and guidance to your registered email address which is linked to your Pogo account that you provided.

6- The reset link normally starts with a text that begins with https followed by characters and numbers.
7- Now, you need to go ahead and log in to the email account that you entered which is associated with your Pogo account. You will see a reset email from Pogo that contains a link to create a new password that you wish to create for your Pogo account.

8- Make sure that you write down the new password that you will be setting on a piece of paper and store is somewhere where you can access it if you ever forget or lose it. This way, you don’t have to reset your Pogo account password again and again.
9- Once you reset your Pogo account password you can close all your web browsers that are opened and try to reopen the browser and login to your Pogo account with your new username and password.

let us know if you need any other help with our Pogo account Problems. we thank you for reading. Good luck

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